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Joining the J12 Beyond the Tassel initiative is easy and costs your school nothing. We serve rural schools all across America with important messaging for families, helping their students better navigate the college application and admissions process. Our award-winning podcast featuring expert guidance is produced weekly and is localized with school-provided content for our rural partners.


Beyond the Tassel features in-depth content covering every conceivable topic in which a college-bound high school student, or their family, might be interested. Topics range from managing the college choice for best fit to solving the financial riddle to understanding and applying the best strategies for admissions success, even to highly selective colleges and universities.

In the upcoming weeks, your families will also find a trove of application and admissions resources right here on our website, with links to additional strategies and insights that will help families make the absolute most of their college application efforts. Our founders come from rural school backgrounds in Illinois and Washington state and are well aware of the budget challenges and other complexities of the rural school dynamic. Our podcast producer and host attended high school in rural southern Illinois. Seventeen years later, he found himself on the front-end of a three-term school board stint with the same district, and saw, up-close, the internal and community-based challenges and blessings of a rural school.

Journey12 was conceived as a means by which schools could effectively push out college admissions and post-secondary messaging to families, via localized podcast, and provide ancillary tutoring and test-prep services that can make a real difference in the lives of rural kids and their families. Additionally, we are in the process of developing partnerships, which will enable Journey12 to make test-prep, essay-coaching, and middle-school tutoring programming available to low-income students at no cost. 

Our mission, in short, is to help more rural students attend 4-year colleges, to help rural students find their best post-secondary fit, and to help families find more affordable paths for their students to attend college.

We'd be thrilled to have you join us.

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