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Between everything involved with running a school district, from finance, policy, curriculum, and staffing to legal, campus culture, facilities, and maintenance, it is the rare administrator who manages to find time for robust community communication.

And we're not just talking about the communication with your students and parents; we're talking about regular and robust communication with your entire taxpayer base. That's what we do because these are the people who will vote on your next referendum and who support your school community in a thousand other ways — or not — based on how much they know — or don't know — about what your district is doing.

Increased family engagement in education, which begins with ‘being aware,’ is linked to improved school readiness, higher grades, higher test scores, better attendance, fewer tardies, lower suspension and expulsion rates, and increased likelihood not only of high school graduation but of post-secondary clarity.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes it brought to our lives, family and community engagement has never been more important as part of our recovery and renewal. 

Our programming qualifies for a wide range of community engagement grant monies. Speak with your district's preferred grant writer or ask our team for an expert referral if you'd like to explore grant options to fund Journey12 Engage.

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