Fusion Magazine


Fusion magazine features up-close, compelling stories about your students, teachers, alumni, administrators, community volunteers, and programmatic strengths. These stories are written by our professional education editors and contributors and are designed to share your school’s inspiring stories to better engage your community in the depth and breadth of what’s happening inside your buildings.

























We handle content, design, and production of Fusion Magazine and distribute a single copy to every household in your district in addition to a digital issue we make available to you for inclusion on your website and social media channels. Typically, Fusion is 20-28 pages plus covers, but may be more or less, depending upon your particular situation.


Why a magazine? Because in the midst of all the social media, white noise, and online content spilling out of our smartphones, a locally relevant, beautifully prepared printed magazine showing-up in a mailbox is disruptive; it gets noticed, it gets read. And people have a tendency to hang onto magazines instead of deleting or scrolling by 95% of the email or social media notifications they receive. 


Building on your school’s positive brand with inspiring stories is a great way to connect with your community and create deeper engagement. It will impact student achievement and outcomes in direct and indirect ways, including broader taxpayer support for ballot referendums and alumni support. Communities with education foundations will find new support for their initiatives as they share the stories unfolding in their schools today.