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The Engage™ Family & Community Engagement Initiative 


Six distinctly unique messaging media come together in harmony to punch-through the white noise of our time, sharing the stories of student achievement, teacher mentorship, alumni success, and administrative leadership. The result is deepened community engagement attributable to a broad awareness of all the good that is happening within your schools. You'll promote your programmatic strengths, give voice to the voiceless, present a stronger teacher recruitment profile, establish a kind of 'referendum passage insurance,' and create a hedge against enrollment shrinkage. Because family and community engagement isn't a temporary wrinkle with which school leaders must grapple, these are perennial challenges that innovative leaders understand must be addressed. The Engage™ initiative is more than the sum of its parts, and aims to both restore and build upon family and community awareness, helping to re-establish our schools as, not only, the center of our communities, but as the very cornerstone of our future.

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