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Here's what will be featured

in the final video

(I'll be covering all the highlights, in addition to the ceremony itself.)


Behind the scenes

  • Your graduate will take part in a number of preparatory undertakings in the hours leading up to the ceremony, some of which will go exactly according to plan, and some of which may look like part of a blooper reel! I’ll be there to capture pieces of that.



  • These soon-to-be-alumni have been forming, refining, and evolving in their friend groups and special relationships for the past four, five, six, or more years. The memories of their time together at Burroughs as expressed through their nervous chatter, group selfies, intimate conversations, and plain old giddiness is an authentic and rare glimpse of this time in their lives. Recognizing that social distancing will very likely be part of this year's ceremony, we won't expect to see as many hugs and group selfies as we've seen in the past, but we'll still be on-hand to capture all the joy and excitement.


Primping and preening

  • They’re as tall, or taller than you now. They’ve got great hair, and their makeup is on point. Your progeny never looked more ready to take on the world. But it’s fun watching them fuss over their appearance of readiness. Even ‘funner’ to see it in the finished film!


Line ‘em up

  • You’re seated now, listening to the brass band voicing that familiar tear-jerker; glancing this way and that, proudly waiting with anticipation. Your kid is marching toward the stage, and onward, in what will be the very last JBS event, featuring your kid, you’ll likely witness. Aaaaannnnnd…I’ve got it. Not just the basics, but I'll also make available individualized diploma walk-up and recessional footage of your graduate. Great for that social media share or text message to the faraway relative!


The ceremony

  • From the special speaker and invocation to the Board welcome, to the classmates’ speeches, and Andy’s robust calling of each graduate’s name, you’ll watch with pride as your child and their peers march confidently across the stage, and receives the formal, traditional recognition of the incredible education they’ve just earned, as they join their cohort in a more relaxed posture. I’ll catch every smile, every applause, every face in the recessional, and all the smiles in the gallery as well.


  • COVID-19 has us all doing things quite differently than we'd done them in past years. Celebrating our graduates during this time will be a study in flexibility. Because it is important and because this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, we will, as always, make the very most of our circumstances. The key is, let's remain adaptive to how this commencement exercise comes together and how we engage with it, and let's just honor our young people in the finest fashion we can muster. Whatever scene these circumstances throw at us, I'll do my best to capture it with multiple cameras so you can relax and enjoy the live event.


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