John Burroughs School

Class of '21 Graduation Day Film


Hi, I’m Craig Williams, Dad to Evan Williams, JBS ’18 (as well as Tivoli, ’32; and Bronx, ’34!), and I’ll be capturing footage for a short film celebrating the Class of ’21, featuring all the graduation day excitement and the ceremony itself.  I don't offer these services to other schools, and it is not my primary business, but I've handled the JBS graduation video for the last three years at the request of the Parent's Council, and it is my honor to have been asked to do so again. My aim is to produce something truly memorable for our families, despite any necessary adjustments which may be made to mitigate the health risks associated with the pandemic.  Please understand, this is not a profit center for me, which is one of several reasons why I'm using the infrastructure of another website of mine to facilitate the handling of the orders (convenience and ease of implementation, plus it is already set-up to accept online orders and secure payments). Graduation from Burroughs is such a proud moment and an important event in the life of our hardworking students and JBS families. I aim to create something to remember it all by. 

As the proud parent of a JBS grad myself, I can certainly appreciate how special this day will be for you, your graduate, and your family. This child; YOUR child — the one who seemingly just learned to tie their shoes, ride a bike, and cut their own waffles mere moments ago — is about to dance across the stage as a John Burroughs School Graduate with their classmates and enter the next phase of their life-long adventure. That said, here’s what I’ll be doing to commemorate the big day: