Podcast Sponsorship


In order to build and make Beyond the Tassel available to our rural school partners at no cost, we utilize reasonably priced host-spoken podcast sponsorship to defray the weekly costs of production, hosting, and distribution. We humbly ask our education partners to assist in our efforts to acquire local sponsorship support by simply suggesting the names and contact information for likely supportive businesses and organizations within their communities or region. We have found that numerous businesses in most of our partner communities are very happy to help support your localized podcast. Virtually everyone understands the need for extended college admissions insights and guidance and wants to see local students have that opportunity. Additionally, in virtually every community, there are a number of businesses and organizations that see real promotional value in visibly standing with education, and are very glad to have that opportunity here. Leveraging your recommendations and local credibility, we will contact each individual you suggest by email and/or telephone and offer them the opportunity to support this important initiative. Sometimes, a simple phone call from you is all it takes, but we don't require that of you. We are happy to reach out to your recommendations and share the opportunity. We do not utilize pressure tactics or arm-twisting, but simply present them with the opportunity to help make the localized podcast initiative sustainable for the benefit of the students and families of your community.

Take 5-minutes, and share a few names with us below. We appreciate it.