Missouri Association for Rural Education (MARE) is announcing a very special new partnership with Beyond the Tassel, a robust rural education equity initiative, which consists of family and student messaging through its Podcast, and student storytelling platform, both customizable for each of our local member schools.


Every Tuesday, in a 10 to 25 minute, professionally produced new episode, the Beyond the Tassel Podcast specifically addresses college-bound students and their families as well as those students and families who are simply exploring various post-secondary paths. Each week, the content features a comprehensive range of insightful tips and strategies for finding strong postsecondary fit and making the most of the college application and admissions process. This kind of messaging is valuable as third-party reinforcement of what many of our guidance departments are already doing.

The organizational mission of Journey12 is directly focused upon:


  1. Helping more students from rural high schools gain access to a 4-year college opportunity, should they so choose.

  2. Helping students find their best post-secondary fit and prepare them with expert guidance.

  3. Helping students and their families find more affordable paths for attending college.