Through this arrangement, Journey12 is offering to produce this weekly podcast for MARE member schools at no cost to them whatsoever. The initiative is underwritten by local and regional sponsors. The sponsorship asks are all handled by Journey12. This is handled much like a spoken NPR-style sponsor mention within the podcast itself. Typically, a local bank, an insurance company, dentist, or healthcare provider will step-up to sponsor localized editions of Beyond the Tassel, as they tend to be the first businesses to see the value in reaching families while supporting a positive education initiative.


In addition to the helpful content every week, each partner school will have the option to provide up to 10-minutes of custom content in two segments for inclusion in each weekly episode. This may be a short announcement of appreciation or encouragement from an administrator, it may be a ‘meet the teacher’ segment, or it could even feature student poetry readings or musical performances. It is completely up to each participating school as to how they use their opportunity for localized content. You may think of this as your school’s very own podcast, and it is even branded with your mascot. Every episode is also made available on Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and devices.


We are very excited about this unique opportunity to leverage the power of family messaging for our rural schools. Download the upcoming episode calendar here and sign-up for your own no-cost, localized podcast.


Listen to an example of Beyond the Tassel here and to learn more, go to 

or email Podcast producer and host, Mr. Craig Williams at