Localized Podcast

Moving beyond high school’s graduation stage is something the entire community celebrates. Seeing these kids cross that milestone moment is a big deal. But what happens next is so critical to their trajectory, and our Beyond the Tassel content deals with making the most of options and opportunities in our weekly, National podcast. This is something we offer as part of the engage™ initiative because we know lots of people who consume this excellent insightful audio content while they’re driving, doing household chores, walking, running, or even mowing the lawn. It is designed as a fun exploration of options and strategies for making the most of the post-secondary transition, whether college-bound, military-bound, trade school, entrepreneurship, family farm or business, or straight into the world of work.


As part of your engage™ package, you will also have the option to launch your very own, localized podcast, which we will either entirely produce or coordinate with your student and/or faculty talent. Use this to further engage the community with timely, relevant updates and positive stories about your school community. It’s easy. We’ll show you how.