Possibility Outreach

Like the printed Fusion Magazine, a well-designed, beautiful 6x9” postcard arriving in the mailbox is disruptive in a way that email and social media simply is not. We use the Possibility Postcard as an optional 3X per year mailing to every household as a means of retaining the public’s interest in things that are happening in the school. We write compelling content for these postcards, typically addressing some aspect of timely importance to your school community, and continued online from a QR code and web address printed on the card itself, which is designed to attract attention and inspire engagement. We believe the stories of younger students with an intentional plan for their future make some of the most inspiring content to create community engagement and we highly encourage it. Regardless of what you deem to be important enough to want to include in your possibility outreach, we're here to guide and support you with professional copywriters, editors, and designers.