Hoo-Ahh, Soldier

A second generation Mexican-American, 12th-grader, Stephanie Milagro, has always loved her country, and has always wanted to serve. She has been involved in the JROTC program, and intends to swear-in on her birthday, in April, and enter Basic Training next summer. Her unrelenting hard work and passion for serving the best interests of her country make Stephanie our hometown hero. This hardworking young woman carries a 3.93 GPA, scored in the top 10% Nationally on her ACT exam this past summer, and can go anywhere she chooses after she leaves Breese Central, but she is choosing to serve her country first, where she intends to engage in advanced leadership training with an eye on a post-military career in business. Ms. Milagro, we salute you, and wish you all the best with your plans!

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