The Community Outreach enables businesses and organizations to show their support by helping to endow a fund to help families afford 'obstacle expenses' to their students' post-secondary oppotunities, to include ACT/SAT Test Prep, ACT/SAT Test Re-takes, College Application fees, Trade and Tech School Registration Fees, Campus Visit Expense, Toolbelts, Travel to College and Trade School Fairs, and more. Funds are disbursed on request and demonstrated need by Journey12 to, and administered by, your local guidance department. 


Additionally, community awareness of student post-secondary success stories are featured on a voluntary-basis in a unique, highly visible fashion online. Thousands of these 11x17 inch tear-off sheets will be distributed throughout your community in high traffic areas, including medical and dental waiting rooms, restaurants, municipal offices, and more.


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This is a great way to support local education and the post-secondary dream of local students.


Our producers will contact you directly to discuss your order and confirm the details before completing your sponsorship spot.

Scholar Community Outreach Sponsorship