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When it comes to education, you may want a little extra support beyond the excellent work your local school is doing. Through the Gruenbaum Academy, David Benjamin Gruenbaum teaches students a powerful, unique curriculum that enhances not only scholastics skills and abilities, but also introduces a completely different way to learn.


The curriculum offered at the Gruenbaum Academy covers seven essential disciplines

which provide a magnificent overarching system for both improved study skills and learning disciplines. This program is offered as a twice-weekly Cisco Webex session, and your student may attend as many or as few of our sessions as they like. There is tremendous value in attending, though consecutive attendance is not a requirement to glean maximum value from the program, as each session is a ‘closed system’ as it begins and concludes on a given subject of focus.


1. Pre ACT/SAT Overview

Through the Pre ACT/SAT overview, Academy students will become familiar with and begin to learn the styles, format, and content of both the ACT and SAT college entrance exams without the pressure of an actual test for which to prepare.


2. Improved Test-Taking and Study Skills

Many students struggle with test-taking and study discipline. And, because every student is unique, the one-size-fits-all approach usually fails,  Gruenbaum Academy teaches students first how to identify their individual test-taking weaknesses and then how to start overcoming these issues.


In addition, David Benjamin Gruenbaum  teaches students the best way to prepare for tests, how to achieve and maintain focus, and how to make important, practical decisions during tests. Finally, through Gruenbaum Academy, students learn how to approach and complete their homework in the quickest and most efficient manner.


3. High-Level English Vocabulary

Almost forgotten by State Standards, the acquisition of a strong vocabulary is almost a lost art. The Gruenbaum Academy helps students to develop this crucial skill: Acquiring and mastering a robust and comprehensive English vocabulary that will be useful in speech, scholarly papers, at work, and throughout life.


4. Speed Reading and Comprehension

The Gruenbaum Academy program equips students with skills that can help them to read more quickly and efficiently. Under the guidance of David Benjamin Gruenbaum, students learn a masterful skimming technique which allows them to find answers to questions much more quickly. This skill pays dividends in both high school and college when students have to read an immense amount of material in high school A/P classes and in college. David BenjaminGruenbaum also employs his unique methods to show students how to extract important main ideas from “filler” reading material.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your child could both read faster and more efficiently? The Gruenbaum Academy can solve both of these issues.


5. Math

Rather than working through math problems the “proper” way, students will learn additional and innovative new methods to solve math problems. David Benjamin Gruenbaum’s revolutionary math methods teach students how to take advantage of multiple choice formats, how to hone logic and reasoning skills (instead of memorizing math formulas), and how to overcome math “killers’ like careless errors, “overdoing” problems, etc. Often Gruenbaum Academy helps “weak” math students transform into much stronger math students.


6. Chart and Graph Reading

Chart and graph reading is now a large part of the SAT. In the Gruenbaum Academy, students learn the best and quickest way to read charts and graphs. This has become a crucial skillset that students will use throughout high school and college to access important data and insights very quickly.


7. CrossLinguistics

CrossLinguistics is David Benjamin Gruenbaum’s completely new method of learning vocabulary in multiple languages simultaneously. CrossLinguistics teaches the interrelationship of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and English.


Rather than Latin, the Gruenbaum Academy uses English as the core language. Everything is categorized so that students can learn groups of words in several languages rather than just memorizing words one by one. The unique Crosslinguistics method also ensures greater learning speed and language retention. Deeper linguistic capability has been proven — like musical training — to enhance multiple modes of learning retention across a range of academic disciplines.


The Gruenbaum Academy meets at 6:45PM CST for 75 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday. Class sessions repeat every 5-weeks, and because each is a closed-system, students may easily join at any time.

Gruenbaum Academy - 10 Sessions

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