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Test-prep has become an essential aspect of preparing for your SAT in order to put your best foot forward with your college application process. Every student is different and there is no guarantee but, nominally, our students see between a 100-190 point increase on the SAT after completing our 5-Session SAT Test-prep Course. This course is delivered live via Zoom in a virtual classroom with no more than 10 students and often fewer, so the student to teacher ratio is never greater than 10:1 and is often lower. Each session is 75-minutes in length and the program is offered on Monday or Wednesday evenings for five (5) consecutive weeks from 7:45PM, CST to 9:00PM CST. Courses begin on the first Mondays and Wednesdays in January, February, March, April, or May. Because each session reinforces and builds on the previous session, students must remain in the same 5-session course in which they began. Test-taking skills and strategies as well as time management techniques are emphasized in each session. Specific topical knowledge is revisited and reinforced, as it is woven into the overall test strategies. We recommend completing our 5-week program as close to your test date as possible. And, remember, you may take the SAT multiple times to produce your best possible score.

SAT Test-prep - 5 Sessions

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