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J12 Aspire

In the life of a child—in the life of any of us, really—inspiration can play a tremendous role. In many cases, it is the thing that sets aspiration into motion. We’ve all heard the stories of how one conversation, or one chance encounter with that bigger-than-life-achiever changed a life.  Inspiration can lead to the establishment of new habits that move us closer to our best selves.


In my day-to-day world of sitting down with people, listening to their stories and then re-telling those stories in our Journey12 school-to-community magazines, I’ve seen first hand how vital it can be in the life of a young person to see, up-close, what inspiration can look like; to see the humble beginnings of ‘thinking big.’ And to then be able to see ‘under the hood’ of those habits that helped ‘thinking big’ convert into living a fulfilling life, professionally and otherwise.


All across America, there are stories of adults leading their respective fields who started out as young people in ordinary settings, in challenging circumstances, or even in crises. I’ve seen it over and over again. Some of the most remarkable stories begin with someone fighting their way out of difficulty on their way to a better place.


It doesn’t even have to be someone breaking records or standing atop the career mountain of their choice; sometimes it’s just about being shown a way for mapping out a solid path to our best adult selves and that path often intersects with a whole range of choices. 


With the J12 Aspire program, we intend to explore some of those choices and meet some of the people making them so that students and their families might find a toe-hold on inspiration as they’re putting their plans together. Each month, we bring together accomplished experts and experienced practitioners from a particular field and have a conversation with the, which you are welcome to join, in which we ask them how they prepared for their role, how it feels to be doing that kind of work, what kind of financial outcomes has their work created for them, and how they might do it differently if they had it to do all over again. These are very enlightening discussions with people who have chosen a career path you may be considering, and you are welcome to interact with our experts either directly, or through questions you submit to our host via chat.

Connect with your guidance or counseling office for possible in-school options to connect with this program if you are unable to connect from home.


Dreamers, planners, explorers, and doers, I hope you’ll join us!

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