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What we do, we do because of our belief in the inherent possibilities of our young people to prepare for their best future through the levers of education, preparation, inspiration, and aspiration. Journey12 was—from the moment it was conceived—all about helping to improve the postsecondary outcomes of  our young people.

Our commitment to this idea manifests through a series of initiatives carefully designed to improve upon existing channels of communication between students, families, schools, and communities, or to create new channels where none existed before.

While Journey12's publication, podcast, and video-based messaging is all about amplifying community connection, JourneyForward concerns itself with 3-key areas of student-readiness communication: 1.) Skilled Trades readiness, 2.) College readiness, and, 3.) Aspirational readiness, or an awareness of postsecondary targets to which your students may have never been otherwise exposed.

Each of our programs are live, interactive Zoom-based webinars. Our content is carefully curated and our discussions are expertly guided by best-of-class providers of this important and valuable content for students and their families.

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