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Quarterly Magazine


The Journey12 Quarterly Magazine is the cornerstone of our engagement initiative, because—unlike the digital tools in our toolbox—your magazine is placed, physically, into each and every mailbox in your district. It features up-close, compelling stories about your students, teachers, alumni, administrators, community volunteers, and programmatic strengths.

Naming Rights

You'll choose the name for your quarterly magazine but our creative team will build-out your professional branding and custom designed layout that delivers important, positive stories from within your schools and across your entire district. These stories are written by our professional education editors and contributors and are carefully crafted to share your school’s inspiring stories in order to better engage your community in the depth and breadth of what’s happening inside your buildings.


Community Impact Video

Video is an extraordinarily powerful storytelling medium, and we use it here to tell your big story, as with the Quarterly Magazine, through a series of small stories. We will build a professional, annual State-of-the-School Community Impact Video featuring a diverse range of voices that you can share through all your digital channels including social media. 


Your Community Impact Video typically runs about 5 minutes but may be edited into 5-10 separate modular components so that they can be easily split apart from the primary video and used in shorter, more specific applications in your social media messaging. Attention spans are short, so messaging has to be relevant. By breaking your Community Impact Video into modular segments, you are far more likely to appeal to the audience you wish to engage, a key feature of good branding and messaging.

Engagement Podcast

Lots of people consume audio content through podcasts while they’re driving, doing household chores, walking, running, or even mowing the lawn. We produce a podcast featuring your school community's teachers, students, alumni, or community members. Each episode is an opportunity for you to reach your audience with the backstories of your educational heroes, community volunteers, leadership or district initiatives. We'll host and produce as frequently as monthly, if you like. The goal, as with each J12 component, is to create an even stronger connection between your schools and the communities they serve. 


Branded Landing Page

Your Journey12 Branded Landing Page becomes the repository for all things related to telling your district story: Digital issues of your magazine, your podcast episodes, your community outreach video, and any additional content you decide to place there. Working with your ideas and input, our expert design team develops your branded logo header for your quarterly magazine, landing page, and podcast. We'll offer suggestions, but you decide what to call your program. Some districts choose to tie into their mascot traditions while others look for a word or phrase that best describes them. Others have us create a stylized brand from their district name or number. Best of all, it is ADA accessible, for compliance with state and Federal law regarding public school websites, so all you have to do is link to it from your district website. It is not designed to take the place of your district website, but to provide brand continuity and an easy, no-touch, fully managed way for you to share your amazing story.

Skilled Trades Toolkit

As an extension of your school's Vocational training and CTE programming, we present a unique set of tools to make the most of your journey into the trades. We've partnered with seasoned pros who've made their livelihood in the skilled trades and who've come together on live, interactive Zoom panels to help you make the most of your next steps.

Aspire Thumbnail.png


A rich monthly program for students of any age and their families wishing to explore, live and virtually, a range of career options through interaction with accomplished practitioners across a variety of fields and disciplines. Many of our 'career muses' come from the communities for which we publish our Journey12 stories.

College Navigator

In cooperation with your High School Counseling Department, we present this first-of-its-kind, live, monthly series called J12 College Navigator. This Zoom-based webinar program is designed specifically for your students and their families who are specifically interested in exploring and/or preparing for the college option. This is not an effort to 'push' college, but to provide support to those who wish to pursue it.

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