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J12 Skilled Trades Toolkit

When you graduate from high school, you may want to work with your hands. You might like the idea of making your living doing something most people can't do or won't do, and being able to do it without spending tens of thousands of dollars on tuition and years in college classrooms. If this is you, the skilled trades may be right up your alley. Rewarding careers in the skilled trades range from the construction and building trades to health and medical trades, from culinary arts to manufacturing and metalwork, and from landscaping and outdoor trades to utilities and public works. The opportunities are virtually endless, the ramp-up to a paycheck is attractive, and the work can be very satisfying. Whatever direction you ultimately choose, having some real-life guidance on the journey you're packing for is a rock-solid idea. Join us as we discuss a wide range of skilled trades, answer your questions, but most importantly, share insights as to how you can make the most of your skilled-trades journey, from preparing yourself for your initial opportunity to leveraging yourself into better opportunities, as you create a safe, financially stable career backdrop. We will be featuring actual skilled trades workers doing the things you may aspire to. This is a no-holds-barred opportunity for you to ask the questions you've got on your mind.

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