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Community Outreach

Tear-off Sheets

We believe that young people who are thoughtful and intentional about their future not only land well themselves but serve to inspire their younger peers and their communities too. We know that when our rural sons and daughters find their stride, they can accomplish great things. And they make us all proud.


That's why we produce this local showcase for rural high school seniors to share their post-secondary intentions. Because these stories matter and they need to be told. 

Our community partners, through their sponsorship of this important initiative, make it possible for us to fund much-needed ACT and SAT test prep, college application fees, trade school registration fees, campus visit costs, and more through our locally administered Graduate Assistance Program — GAP.  A substantial portion of our sponsorship revenue is pooled, given to local school districts, and is locally administered to help students make the ends meet that they must in order to put their best foot forward in the direction of their post-secondary intentions. Their sponsorship also makes possible our award-winning college admission Podcast, our ability to share these student successes with their communities, and our $500 Visa Gift Card for the student story with the most votes by March 15, 2021.

These tear-off sheets will be distributed throughout Effingham County in retail, dental, medical, and other locations with heavy consumer traffic. Sponsorship appears on the reverse side as well as on the Stories website and the Podcast. Click for more information on sponsorship.

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