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Thank you
for your interest in the Beyond the Tassel Rural Education Initiative.
The Journey12 mission, through its Beyond the Tassel podcasts, magazines, and online content, is to help young people from America’s rural communities make the most of post-secondary opportunities. We believe strongly in the power of example, encouragement, and inspiration, and we work hard to incorporate all three in our messaging as we partner with local schools. 
Businesses that support the Journey12 Beyond the Tassel rural education equity initiative through sponsorship receive highly visible community-facing recognition in print, digital, and podcast formats as specified in the product descriptions, below. Individual donations, at any level, receive appreciation recognition on the Student Stories website
For more information about the audience, reach, and frequency of the sponsorship exposure, please email for media kit and additional details or click here. All sponsorship purchases and donations are processed via secure e-commerce servers through either Stripe or PayPal, depending upon your method of payment.
Your sponsorship not only reaches families with school-aged children in your local community, but it enables us to sustain our efforts to bring robust college guidance tools and admissions strategies to those families and their students. We want our rural kids and those from smaller communities to have the equivalent opportunities to those many of their suburban counterparts take for granted. Preparation and education are wonderful levers of success.
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