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Guided by our mission, we help public school districts share their best stories with every district taxpayer through the direct mail delivery of professionally produced magazines.

- Craig Williams, Founder

Research shows that when families, community members, and taxpayers have a better understanding of the good going on in their schools, we all win.

- Jonathan Green, Superintendent
  Meridian Schools, Mounds, Illinois

Reagan Rodrigues (Cover).jpg

Reagan's Story
Jefferson Grade
Fourth Grader
Ottawa, Illinois
Lemonade Maker
People Supporter
World Changer


Without a direct path for sharing our school's best stories with the individual taxpayer, support for our public schools will never be maximized.

- George Prudhomme, Co-founder

Call it old-school if you like, but it's the only way to bridge the digital gap and reach every single taxpayer with your district's story.

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