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We help public school districts tell their best stories and share those stories with every district taxpayer. We are guided by our mission, which is to improve outcomes for America's rural public students.

- Craig Williams, Founder

Research shows that when families, community members, and taxpayers have a better understanding of the good going on in their schools, we all win.

- Jonathan Green, Superintendent
  Meridian Schools, Mounds, Illinois

Reagan Rodrigues (Cover).jpg

Reagan's Story
Jefferson Grade
Fourth Grader
Ottawa, Illinois
Lemonade Maker
People Supporter
World Changer


Without a direct path for sharing our school's best stories with the individual taxpayer, support for our public schools will never be maximized.

- George Prudhomme, Co-founder

If you have to put somebody on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society's heroes.

- Guy Kawasaki

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