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"Why this work matters to me."

                          - Craig Williams, J12 Founder

Click to visit a few of
our district partners' work.

In each case, you'll be able to view our partner's magazine-style stories in either a digital flipbook format, which works great on a laptop, of in our responsive format, which works well anywhere, but is designed primarily for mobile devices. Of course, the key to our initiative is in the every-door, every taxpayer approach to distribution. We use an old school technology—the U.S. Post Office—to make sure your our partners' 24-page magazines, and the important stories within them, reach every household and commercial address up to 4X per year.

Listen to a few podcasts and get a feel for how these leaders are using a multi-pronged media approach to engage the totality of their communities. Remember, only 1-in-5 households has a school age child, which means two important things: 1.) 80% of your taxbase is beyond your school's digital reach. 2.) Failure to adequately tell your story to your entire community means someone else will tell their version of that story. And THAT version is not always the one you'd tell.

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